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Before SetHero

Tut Tut!  Most call sheets are so hectic and confusing that King Tut is probably still trying to find his call time from within his crypt.  He may have time to waste, but you and your crew are busy; you want to be able to just read the darn thing.

James Bond 007 Call Sheet Professional call sheet template made with SetHero

With SetHero

Ah, that’s better!  SetHero’s call sheets have all the industry standard elements packaged in a professional, modern design. Now anyone can read your call sheet — even those without a degree in ancient literature!

Before SetHero

“Where did my call sheet go?  Oh, darn!  I left it in my other pants pocket.  Now I don’t have the set address!”   

In a world where even grandma has an iPhone, it’s about time that your call sheets were mobile compatible too.   

With SetHero

Ah, that’s better!  Cast and crew get a personalized text and email when the call sheet is published.  They can view and confirm their specific call time and see other details like maps and weather forecasts all from their mobile device.

Before SetHero

“Hello?  Oh, hi!  I was just calling to make sure you got your call sheet and are planning on showing up in the morning….  Oh, your call time??  I’m not sure.  One second while I look for my paper…”

With SetHero

Ah, that’s better!  See who viewed the call sheet and who has confirmed their call time.  And it’s easy to resend the call sheet to anyone that missed it.  Spend less time following up with everyone and more time sleeping.  Or partying…

Before SetHero

Three different versions of the call sheet are floating around on different colored paper with revisions scribbled in marker.  When plans change last minute, it’s chaos for your team and confusing for everyone else.  It’s no wonder people miss things.

With SetHero

Ah, that’s better!  When you need to publish a revision, it’s as easy as clicking a button and choosing who to re-notify!  Everyone’s call sheet links are automatically kept up-to-date so everyone is looking at the most recent version.  

Sweetly familiar.

Refreshingly new.

We’re bringing industry standard reports into the new era of modern-day filmmaking.  This is production management made modern.


Our templates were designed with the collaboration of dozens of industry professionals for this sole purpose: to create the best call sheet ever made.


We reimagined call sheets from the ground up, designing something that is both truly beautiful and incredibly efficient.


Unlike other modern call sheet designs, we don’t sacrific efficiency and industry standards for the sake of being “trendy”.

Call Sheets

Build, publish, and track professional call sheets in the cloud.

Production Reports

Convert call sheets into professional production reports in just minutes.


Manage your team and contacts together in one place, across projects.

SetHero is a huge time saver. You can't afford not to have it!

DavidProducer / UPM

SetHero looks amazing... it’s going to rock the industry.

WilliamDirector & Producer

I have been getting lots of positive feedback on the call sheets... Basically - you are making me look like a rock star with the cast and crew.


I just want to give this app the hugest shout out. It has changed lives at our production company in the best way.


Tech support was swift and savvy, and I love the functional design! Save your set. Use SetHero.

RebekahAssistant Director

I am loving this app. I'm a freelance producer/director and also teach MFA television production: I will tell everyone that *finally* there is a great call sheet app.


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