What’s in a Script Breakdown?

Your script breakdown should record anything that is mentioned in the script. Don’t just hand write these details, document them in a database or an excel spreadsheet – You’ll utilize this information through out production to create your budget, story boards, shot list, schedule, call sheets, and more.

Be Sure To Include:

  • Scene Number
  • Scene Name
  • Script Page Number
  • Interior / Exterior
  • Day / Night
  • Story Day / Time of Year
  • Description
  • Page Count / (in 1/8 fractions)
  • Location
  • Cast/Characters
  • Stunts
  • Featured Extras
  • Background Extras / Atmosphere
  • Special Effects
  • Props
  • Vehicles/Animals
  • Wardrobe
  • Makeup/Hair
  • Sound Effects/Music
  • Special Equipment
  • Production Notes

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