SetHero New Feature Daily Production Reports

Announcing Production Reports!

“A pain in the neck.”

That’s how some people describe the process of having to put together production reports. Production reports are generally regarded as chore… a nuisance.

No more. ✋🏽

SetHero is changing the name of the game.

Now you can build, download, and share professional Production Reports right from SetHero!


Free Online Daily Production Report Template

View and save high-res version here.

This feature will save you LOTS of time and make you feel like a production office wizard.

Oh yeaaaahhhh!

Here are some of the key features:

Turn call sheets into production reports in one-click

Auto-calculating fields

SetHero Calculated Metrics on Production Reports
When you adjust a number, the appropriate fields will re-calculate to match.

Meaningful metrics

SetHero Crew Metrics
Metrics are automatically displayed to help give a sense of how a certain day compares to the bigger picture.


SetHero Shooting Coverage Metrics
You can see how today’s shoot compared to what was scheduled and to your averages so far.

Easy sharing and prelim review

SetHero Share Production Reports
Easily share production reports via email, PDF download, or a link.


Create Your First Production Report


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Login, sign up, or use the demo to give it a try! Keep sending us your feedback about what features you want to see added next!


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