On Set Survival

My guide to making it from start to finish.   Let’s be real, the stress and long hours of film production can take it’s toll. It’s not for the faint of heart, but there are a few things you can … Continue Reading

Budget Line Items

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but a good budget can make the money you do have go a lot further. There is an infinite number of little things you’ll spend money on while making your film, … Continue Reading

What’s in a Script Breakdown?

Your script breakdown should record anything that is mentioned in the script. Don’t just hand write these details, document them in a database or an excel spreadsheet – You’ll utilize this information through out production to create your budget, story … Continue Reading

Incubating Success

The most fragile thing in the business world is an early-stage startup. A good startup incubator can give a young company the shelter and guidance it needs to survive and grow, but there are a few questions you should ask … Continue Reading

Call Sheets To The Rescue – 5 Tips for Saving Your Film Set

We’re all looking for a hero. This is especially true on a film set where all too often, chaos reigns. But not every superhero jumps around in spandex and underwear. Indeed, one hero carries a more unsuspecting symbol of hope. … Continue Reading

Why Call Sheets?

When it comes to call sheets, I’m a believer. Truth be told, this probably makes me a little OCD. After all, the detail and organization of a well made call sheet goes way beyond what most people would consider necessary. … Continue Reading

This is SetHero – Our Start Up Journey

We’re filmmakers, tired of the status quo when it comes to production management. We’re tired of making call sheets in Excel, tired of copy & pasting, tired of poor communication. SetHero is our solution (What is SetHero). We’re on this … Continue Reading