Creating A Day out of Days Report – Free Template

When I first heard about a Day Out Of Days report (abbreviated as DOOD), I was quite confused.  It was my first feature film. In the Production Office one day,  the sound guy approached me and asked, “hey, have you … Continue Reading

How to create professional Production Reports for video productions

Daily Production Reports Explained (Free Template)

“Production Reports.” Some people groan when they hear those words. Others do a dance of excitement. But let’s face it… most groan.  Production reports are notorious for being tedious to create. This frustration is compounded by the fact that after … Continue Reading

New Year, New Features! Header Logos, Customizable Colors, and Easier File Attachments

New Features – Header Logos, Project Colors, File Attachments

New year, new features! 🎉 We’re starting 2017 off strong by releasing a few new features that you’re sure to love!  Check them out: Logo and company name on call sheets Yes!  It’s finally here!  You can now add an image and company … Continue Reading

New Features: Customizable Positions, Re-Orderable Crew, and Quicker Scene Adding

New Features – Customizable Positions, Re-Orderable Crew, and Quicker Scene Adding

Hey filmmakers, We’ve just released some great new features to make SetHero even more powerful! Here are some of the top updates: Customizable positions and departments Yes!  It’s finally here!  You can now rename, reorder, or delete existing positions and departments … Continue Reading

4 Essential Tools to Make Your Film Production a Breeze

Making a movie is like going on a wild expedition, and every traveler needs some tools in their backpack to make the journey a little less treacherous and a lot more fun. Here are 4 tools we recommend to help make … Continue Reading

Creating Professional Call Sheets (Free Excel Template Download)

When I first started in the film industry as a 2nd Assistant Director (2nd AD), I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the process: call sheets, production reports, timelogs, travel movements.  The amount of paperwork was staggering, and knowing what … Continue Reading

New Features – Schedule Times, Company Moves, and Map Links

We’re excited to announce some more improvements to SetHero! We’ve completely revamped and improved call sheet schedules. Besides aesthetic improvements, here are the key new features: Add times & durations We heard the message loud and clear; you wanted to … Continue Reading

Day Out of Days Cheat Sheet – Work Status Codes

It’s no secret that film terminology can be a bit tricky to get the hang of; there are a lot of abbreviations used in this industry. One such instance is Day Out of Day work status codes. The Day Out … Continue Reading

Script & Schedule Revision Colors – Film Industry Standards

Think of the last time you ran on a track. (Yes… like a regular running track like the ones you had in high school.) Did you run around the circular track endlessly until you felt tired and decided to stop … Continue Reading

Sorry, You’re Not A Director

Dear Aspiring Director, From day one you’ve had a dream… to direct your own movie.  There’s something about the art, leadership, and status of it.  I get it… directing movies for a living sounds awesome, sexy even.  But I’m sorry… … Continue Reading