If you’re a SetHero user perhaps you’ve found yourself in this situation… you’ve created a really tight shooting schedule for your upcoming production, but you created it in Movie Magic Scheduling. It worked fine while you were putting your schedule together, but now you’re trying to create  your call sheets and you can’t figure out how to get your data out of Movie Magic and into SetHero, ugh!

Unfortunately, Movie Magic Scheduling uses a proprietary file format to save its data. Unlike other industry players, they do not disclose the specifications for this format, most likely because they want their customers to remain “locked in” to their system.  This means that we (or any other software) cannot access the information stored within a movie magic file.  Movie Magic also doesn’t allow exporting data as an Excel file from their software, which makes it especially difficult to import.

However, one of our awesome users (Brandon Riley from AssistantDirecting.com ) put together this great tutorial to help make this process a little easier for everyone! His video will take you all the way from Movie Magic to completing your import in SetHero. Thank you Brandon for this awesome resource!


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