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Incubating Success

The most fragile thing in the business world is an early-stage startup. A good startup incubator can give a young company the shelter and guidance it needs to survive and grow, but there are a few questions you should ask if you’re considering joining an incubator program:


Is this the right time for me & my company?

Consider what’s going on in your life, your commitment level to your company, the location of the incubator,&  what their requirements are. Don’t over commit.


Is the incubator I’m considering a good one?

A good incubator should always be “people” focused, not “profit” focused. It should have mentors who listen to you, are excited about your ideas, follow up with you, and push your towards your goals. It should also have a vibrant network, other growing client companies, and lots of resources and learning opportunities.   


Am I ready to be a client?

This means showing up and participating in their program, being teachable and able to take input from their leadership, and all the while continuing to grow as a leader of your own company.

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