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New Features – Schedule Times, Company Moves, and Map Links


We’re excited to announce some more improvements to SetHero! We’ve completely revamped and improved call sheet schedules. Besides aesthetic improvements, here are the key new features:

[glyphicon size=”sm-icon” wrapper=”span” style=”accent” icon=”glyphicons-clock”] Add times & durations

We heard the message loud and clear; you wanted to be able to add times for each element on your schedule. And now you can! (it’s like magic!)


[glyphicon size=”sm-icon” wrapper=”span” style=”accent” icon=”glyphicons-person-running”] Company Moves (+ Automatic Direction Links)

We’ve added a separate banner type for company moves, which improves the look of your call sheet. And to include directions, just check a box and a shortened URL to google map directions is added to your call sheet. This has literally never been simpler for you (or your crew.)

Here’s what a company move with directions looks like on the mobile view of the call sheet:


[glyphicon size=”sm-icon” wrapper=”span” style=”accent” icon=”glyphicons-plus-sign”] Quicker way to add scenes

To add scenes to the call sheet, you can now just quickly type all your scene numbers and then hit add. No more searching in the scene drawer scene-after-scene just to get your schedule added.


[glyphicon size=”sm-icon” wrapper=”span” style=”accent” icon=”glyphicons-comments”] Add notes to everything

Sometimes you just need to add a little note to a scene or a company move, such as where to stage gear or what shot to setup first. We’ve made that easier by enabling you to add notes to any schedule item, including scenes. These show up on the call sheet in highlighted blue boxes.


[glyphicon size=”sm-icon” wrapper=”span” style=”accent” icon=”glyphicons-iphone”] Improved Mobile View

We’ve made a few improvements to the mobile view of the call sheet too, especially to the schedule tab where times and company moves now look better than ever.

Thanks for helping us improve SetHero by sending us your feedback! Leave a comment below with questions or feature suggestions.

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  • Mike Thorn says:

    Spectacular feature updates. Really ups the ante on the usability of the application, both on the admin backend as well as forward for the crew. Well done team…thanks for all your hard work on a great product! User for life!

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