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New Features – Customizable Positions, Re-Orderable Crew, and Quicker Scene Adding


Hey filmmakers,

We’ve just released some great new features to make SetHero even more powerful! Here are some of the top updates:

Customizable positions and departments

Yes!  It’s finally here!  You can now rename, reorder, or delete existing positions and departments and even add your own custom departments and positions.

Departments and positions can be reordered, renamed, added or deleted.

Reordering of crew members on call sheet

No more dealing with upset Producers because their name wasn’t listed first.  Now you can drag crew members around on the back of the call sheet to get a specific, customized order.  Meaning if you have three producers, you can choose the order in which they are listed on the call sheet!  Boom.

Crew on the back of the call sheet can now be ordered as you like.

Quicker adding of scenes and cast to call sheet

Now you can add scenes or cast to a call sheet quicker by selecting them in the scenes or cast page and then clicking “Add to call sheet” in the blue menu bar.  This makes it a ton faster if you want to add a bunch of cast or scenes at once.

Add multiple scenes to a call sheet at once.

More custom locations

Now you can add up to 6 additional custom locations on a call sheet!  (previously there was a limit of 2)


There were lots of other little updates, bug fixes, and improvements as well!  Login to check out the new updates for yourself!

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Comment below to let us know what you want us to build next! We take your suggestions seriously.

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