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New Product Features – Announcing Companies, Shared Contacts, and Subscription Pricing


We’re thrilled to let you know about some new features that we rolled out to all of our users this week.  Here they are in a nutshell:

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Introducing Companies

Now you can create companies (and as many as you want!). Each company has its own projects, collaborators, & billing plan, etc.  This feature will be a huge improvement for users that are creating many projects in SetHero because you will no longer need to re-enter billing info, people, and collaborators for each new project. (glory! ????)




Shared contacts

This feature goes hand-in-hand with the new companies feature.  Now contacts are stored within your company and shared between projects.  So, when you start a new project, you can just select the existing company contacts to assign to your project, and poof… you’re ready to go.  If you update a contact’s info, that change will be reflected across all the projects within the company.



Monthly subscription pricing

Many people love our scaleable, one-time pricing method since you only pay for what you need.  But for users that are producing multiple projects every month, it was a bit cumbersome to pay a new amount for every added project.  To improve this experience, we’ve introduced an additional way to pay for SetHero: monthly and annual subscription plans!  Users can choose the tier that’s right for them and then create their projects for a predictable monthly price.  All the plans include unlimited projects and all core features.  Check out the new pricing page to learn more: https://setheroapp.com/pricing



More call sheet customization

We’ve made call sheet templates more customizable.   Now you can choose to hide any section of the call sheet, drag sections in the order that you want them, add or remove page breaks, add custom banners anywhere on the call sheet, remove the SetHero branding, precisely control your page length, etc.  We want you to be able to customize your call sheet more for the unique way your team works.

You have full control of what sections of the call sheet to include, what order they should appear in, and when page breaks occur.


Now can add custom full-width banners anywhere on your call sheet!



Various other things…

We’ve also made it easier to add new elements from a dropdown list, added a “Create & Add Another” option to most add dialog boxes, and lots of other little things that will make the SetHero experience better.


Comment below or send us a message with what you’d like to see added next!



“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates


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