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Product Updates

The Future Is Calling

Grab your opinion & get ready to tell us what you think. We're mapping future features!   We've created a short survey so that you can rank which features you'd like to see next on the SetHero road map. Now is your chance!  …
Leslie Ruiz
September 26, 2016

Life On Set – With Timothy Jones

One of the best parts of my work at SetHero is connecting with filmmakers around the world who are working hard everyday in the industry I love. Their stories, experiences, and wisdom inspire me to press on in my work,…
Leslie Ruiz
August 4, 2016
Crew Positions

What Makes a Great 2nd AD?

The 2nd Assistant Director (called 2nd AD for short) is the 1st AD’s right-hand person. They exist to make sure all of the 1st AD’s orders and directives are carried out. But in the film industry, each of these fancy…
Leslie Ruiz
July 7, 2016