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We’re Teaming Up with TERMINUS!

We’re excited to announce that SetHero will be presenting 3 info-packed workshops at the TERMINUS Conference + Film Festival in Atlanta, GA!

TERMINUS, taking place June 22-25, 2017, is an awesome conference + film festival that brings creative talent from all over the world together for workshops, screenings, video game free play & tournaments, networking, awards, parties, and more! No matter what you’re passionate about—whether it’s making movies or watching them, playing games or creating them—TERMINUS is the place to be! These people are pumped up and excited about what they do, and we’re honored to be presenting 3 workshops we’re really passionate about:


Proper Production Planning – How to Make a Movie Without Losing your Mind

Production is stressful. Cast, crew, locations, shot lists, budgets and schedules come rushing toward you at a million miles an hour. It’s hard to keep up, much less stay ahead of the curve. But there is a way! In this fun and informative talk, SetHero creator Luke DeBoer will share his unique process of managing productions from beginning to end. (Excel templates included!) Grab some coffee and a pen and get ready to soar to the next level of production coordination!


Discovering the Hidden Superheroes of Filmmaking

Behind every amazing film you’ve ever watched is a whole league of unseen superheroes — the Production team. But what exactly do they even DO? Join us as we breakdown the many aspects that go into making a film and discuss the unique and crucial roles that Producers, Directors, the AD team, and the Production Office play in getting a project in-shape and ready for action.


Call Sheets: A Deep Dive

If you have ever wondered why or how to make professional call sheets and production reports this is the workshop for you! We’ll discuss in detail why call sheets are a must-use, where all the info comes from, and who’s involved in the process. We’ll also dig deeper into the anatomy of actual call sheets and production reports and give you the tools you’ll need (including free templates) to start creating your own professional production documents.


Check out TERMINUS and join us in June for a time of learning, growing, & celebrating as filmmakers! As a SetHero insider, use the discount code sethero30 to get 30% off your event badge today! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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