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This is SetHero – Our Start Up Journey

We’re filmmakers, tired of the status quo when it comes to production management. We’re tired of making call sheets in Excel, tired of copy & pasting, tired of poor communication. SetHero is our solution (What is SetHero). We’re on this start up journey because we believe that we can make a difference and build a software that will change the way the film sets are managed industry-wide.

Starting a software company is a total switch from filmmaking, but we took this step because we knew there was no other way to build what we could only dream about while still on set. Our passion is film; our mission today is to rescue filmmakers from the stress of production, freeing them to tell the stories that the world needs to hear. Let’s make film fun again, let’s empower filmmakers to work smarter and scale their productions faster.

Join us on our blog-journey as we reach for what’s possible. This is the future, This is SetHero!

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