Picture Up – Tips From A Husband/Wife Camera Team

Great cinematography is a team effort. As a husband/wife team, we’re reminded of this more often than most. When you don’t have the luxury of parting ways after a long day on set you’re even more motivated to keep your team … Continue Reading

The 1st Assistant Director – Who’s Really In Charge On Set?

The power balance on a film set can be tricky to understand. Who’s really in charge? The director is the boss right? So they call the shots… right? The short answer is yes. The director is the boss, responsible for … Continue Reading

Why Your Film Needs A Script Supervisor

Hey Readers, We want the SetHero blog to be a place of rich learning, and with that in mind, today I am shamelessly re-posting someone else’s awesome writing (with permission of course).  This post originally appeared on the Lights Film … Continue Reading

5 Ways To Be A Faster AD By Slowing Down

I was walking with an actor (Stephen Baldwin) to set one bright morning and we began to have a conversation about one of the lines in the movie we were currently shooting. The line was “You have to go slow … Continue Reading

Role of the Production Assistant: Vast & Various

If there is one title in film making that could entail an almost undefined list of potential job duties it is that of the Production Assistant (PA). Sometimes the PA is a general role that covers all extra needs on-set … Continue Reading

What Makes a Great 2nd AD?

The 2nd Assistant Director (called 2nd AD for short) is the 1st AD’s right hand person. They exist to  make sure all of the 1st AD’s orders and directives are carried out. But in the film industry each of these … Continue Reading