Can I use SetHero for free?

Sure! We know it’s a bummer to pay for something you’ve never tried before. Every new SetHero user can set up their first project for free; after that, future projects will include 10 people and 2 days for free. Projects that are larger than this will need to purchase the additional number of people / days that their project requires.

Can I try SetHero out even though I don’t have a project?

Of course! Every user account includes access to our SetHero demo project “To Dream.” Feel free to explore, create a demo call sheet, and experience the SetHero advantage.

Access the Demo Project here.

I work on lots of projects with small teams. What are my options?

SetHero’s free level is perfect for you! Projects with less than 10 people and 2 shooting days are free.

There is not currently a plan that supports “unlimited” projects. All billing is on a project-by-project basis.

If you have suggestions about how our pricing plans can better serve your needs, please contact us; we’d love to hear from you!

Is the pricing per user or per project?

Our goal is to make payment modular and easy.  SetHero’s pricing is per-project, thereby allowing each project to have its own billing info.  It is free to have a SetHero account, demo our test project, and be shared on an existing project. However, when you create a project of your own, if it is larger than our free teir (10 people and 2 shooting days), you will need to purchase the additional number of people / days that your project requires.  Please check out our pricing calculator for more info about what your specific project might cost.

How much can I customize my call sheet?

The SetHero call sheet allows you to fully customize all of your production details. You can choose between 12 or 24 hour time, letter or legal sized call sheets, and Fahrenheit or celsius weather forecasts. You can also add special banners to your schedule, and the system only displays the sections of the call sheet you choose to use, keeping your call sheet clean and functional. While SetHero’s unique and attractive call sheet design is fixed, what it displays and how it populates is entirely up to you!

Does SetHero do production reports?

At this time SetHero does not generate production reports, but we know how important that feature is and it’s being worked on for our next version!

Does SetHero have a mobile app? I can’t find you in the app store.

This release of SetHero does not include a stand alone phone/tablet app. However, we’re very excited about the potential of an app and would like to include one in the future!

Is SetHero more than just a call sheet template?

YES! It modernizes both the way you make call sheets and how you communicate them. SetHero houses your production data allowing for fast drag and drop call sheet, easy communication with your cast and crew, and simple confirmation tracking.

Who is included in my cast/crew count when it comes to pricing?

Your cast/crew count comes from the total number of people listed in the contacts of that project. Any person in the system counts towards that number. If one person is assigned to multiple roles (e.g. a cast role AND a crew position) they still only count as one person.

For more detailed help content, visit our knowledgebase.