New Year, New Features! Header Logos, Customizable Colors, and Easier File Attachments

New Features – Header Logos, Project Colors, File Attachments

New year, new features! 🎉 We’re starting 2017 off strong by releasing a few new features that you’re sure to love!  Check them out: Logo and company name on call sheets Yes!  It’s finally here!  You can now add an image and company … Continue Reading

New Features: Customizable Positions, Re-Orderable Crew, and Quicker Scene Adding

New Features – Customizable Positions, Re-Orderable Crew, and Quicker Scene Adding

Hey filmmakers, We’ve just released some great new features to make SetHero even more powerful! Here are some of the top updates: Customizable positions and departments Yes!  It’s finally here!  You can now rename, reorder, or delete existing positions and departments … Continue Reading

Creating Professional Call Sheets (Free Excel Template Download)

When I first started in the film industry as a 2nd Assistant Director (2nd AD), I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the process: call sheets, production reports, timelogs, travel movements.  The amount of paperwork was staggering, and knowing what … Continue Reading

Day Out of Days Cheat Sheet – Work Status Codes

It’s no secret that film terminology can be a bit tricky to get the hang of; there are a lot of abbreviations used in this industry. One such instance is Day Out of Day work status codes. The Day Out … Continue Reading

Call Sheets To The Rescue – 5 Tips for Saving Your Film Set

We’re all looking for a hero. This is especially true on a film set where all too often, chaos reigns. But not every superhero jumps around in spandex and underwear. Indeed, one hero carries a more unsuspecting symbol of hope. … Continue Reading

Why Call Sheets?

When it comes to call sheets, I’m a believer. Truth be told, this probably makes me a little OCD. After all, the detail and organization of a well made call sheet goes way beyond what most people would consider necessary. … Continue Reading

The Lifecycle of a Call Sheet

Every call sheet starts it’s life as part of a “one-liner” schedule. This is the most basic production schedule that is created by the 1st Assistant Director or the AD team during pre-production. A “one liner” basically means that every … Continue Reading